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The Foundation

 International has promoted many cultural activities for the dissemination of the extraordinary discovery of two Italian scientists and inventors also has made organizing and participating in the first person of cultural events of international concern. All the events have had a single purpose: to spread the work of two scientists Lucca and especially to claim the true paternity of the engine to burst.


Below we list and document those deemed most important and highest honor at the international level:


In the year 2007 with the aid of the Overland the model of the first internal-combustion engine of Barsanti and Matteucci has followed the caravan that has accompanied the “Itala” from Paris to Beijing (look photo). The model has been delivered to the Italian Embassy to Beijing that has supplied to arrange it in the museum of the car of Shanghai. Such model is equipped with a written billboard of explanations in Chinese.

 1-2-7-8-9 - November 2008 Florence - Stazione Leopolda

A fascinating exhibition of 70 cars and vintage motorcycles, produced from 1899 to the years'70 was held on the premises of the station Leopolda on days 1-2 and 7-8-9 November. Important also the choice of Leopolda Station as the location of the event. In fact, just between these walls in the middle of two Tuscan'800, Barsanti and Matteucci, experienced the first engine to burst, still uses static but for many years before Herr Benz will use the patent on the means of locomotion.

See video

18-30 Ottobre 2008 Lucca

An exhibition of patents and models of the Barsanti and Matteucci engines during the first Italian exhibition of motorbikes that made world cinema history.

10 Maggio 2008 Philadelphia U.S.A.

At the Benjamin Franklin Museum of Science and Technology, a presentation of a model of the first Barsanti and Matteucci internal combustion engine; the compressed air model was so successful that it was talked about on television and in newspapers and scientific magazines.

12 Febbraio 2008 Lucca Palazzo Ducale

Commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Felice Matteucci in the building he frequented when he was a boy and his father was the Duchy’s Minister for Justice. The commemoration concluded with a round table which discussed Matteucci’s work as a hydraulic engineer and his research into the reclamation of the Bientina marsh.

Ottobre 2007 Vignola

Exhibition of models and drawings of the Barsanti and Matteucci engines during the celebrations for Ferrari’s historic scientists. It was so successful that the organisers stated they would plan more initiatives in Emilia.

September 2007 Florence - Fortezza da Basso

Presentation in the Fortezza da Basso, under the "Festival of Creativity", the reconstruction of the first internal combustion engine powered by compressed air.

Florence September 2007 - Piazzale Michelangelo

Exposure of model engines Barsanti and Matteucci in support of the mythical "ITALA" held in Florence at Piazzale Michelangelo at the third stage, after Turin and Milan, the evocation, after 100 years, the Paris Beijing. The model of the first internal combustion engine running at the railway station of Florence Mary atony has followed the entire journey and was exposed during the various stops. The engine, now in China, thanks to the Section of the Italian, was placed in the museum of science and technology in Shanghai at the same time a campaign of Fiat.

Volterra August 2007

See the premises made available by the City of models and prototypes of the documents on engine Barsanti and Matteucci. During the exhibition was held a round table in the hall of the Municipal Council, the importance of the discovery, but more particularly on hydrogen, the first propellant engine Barsanti and Matteucci, which was attended by more than the Mayor of Volterra, President of the Foundation Barsanti and Matteucci and distinguished scientists at the national level, also the Minister for Culture of the Province of Pisa and Undersecretary Salvatore Maiorana. Washington, May 16, 2007 U.S.A.

16 May 2007 Washington U.S.A.

Exhibition at the core culture of the Italian Embassy in Washington to disclose the priority of Italian of the internal combustion engine and rehabilitate the figure of our two scientists Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci The engineer. This event was attended by representatives of most major American museums in the field of science and technology.

See video

LUCCA 25/27 December 2004

From the splendid setting of the historic courtyard of the Swiss in Lucca, images of "The first internal combustion engine of history and its reconstruction through drawings archive of Ximeniano" Presentation of the representation of the first engine burst by Father Dante Sarti, president of the Foundation Center of Florence Ximeniano.


Among the many events deserves to be remembered that on 28 October 2004 at the replica rolex daytona orologi Deutsches Museum in Monaco in Germany, better known to us Italians as the "Museum of Science and Technology of Monaco." At this museum is exposed to a size of the first internal combustion engine, what you see in these images, produced on the designs of the two scientists Lucca

The event, the German media have given considerable importance, have spoken newspapers, journals and television but the most important thing were the statements made publicly to the event by Deputy Director of the Museum Dott.Klaus Freymann when talking about the engine Barsanti Matteucci and, among other things, literally says: "... This engine has an enormous importance, since Nikolaus Otto, who received his patent about 10 years after this invention and whose name and closely connected with the engine to burst, has largely, if not entirely, copied from Barsanti and Matteucci "...

MOSCOW - From 27 January to 12 February 2006

The exhibition was conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Productive Activities, the National Institute for Foreign Trade and with the advice of W&Media in Turin.

The theme of the exhibition was "Myth and Speed" and concerned the most distinguished inventors Italians including Leonardo Da Vinci, Marconi, Meucci and many others. The event was held in the handling of the Kremlin and had considerable success with the public. For the occasion has been drawn up a catalog with technical information and prototypes of engines made by Barsanti and Matteucci.


Brussels 29 May - 30 June 2006

DopoAfter the Russia tour the European Foundation Barsanti and Matteucci and landed in Belgium in a perfect connection with the origins of the discovery. From 29 orologi imitazioni May to 2 June, the exhibition was hosted at the European Parliament on June 3 and has stopped at one of the most representative squares of Brussels, Grand Sablon Square on the occasion of the feast of the Italian Republic. Finally the exhibition was moved to the Gallery Saint Gery.

These exhibitions have attracted display a remarkable amount of people who could read the information material made available by the Foundation.


VOLTERRA (Pi) - 13-25 April 2006

From April 13-25 was held in the inland town of Pisa feature a cultural exhibition, motivated by the fact that the first idea of turning motion in the energy that comes from the burning of a gas mixture whale was in the mind of his father Eugeio Barsanti in this noble city, where he was teaching in September 1841, at the College San Michele, physics and mathematics.

The event drew an extraordinary public presence, above all the most optimistic estimates as to lead the Foundation to put in another program for the year 2007.

Special thanks the excellent success of the exhibition and give the Rotary Club of Volterra



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