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History of the engine

When describing the event which determined the birth of the IC engine, some experts indicate Father Barsanti's replica orologi first experiments done during his physics lessons at St. Michael's College in Volterra between 1841 and 1842.
We prefer to use the fifth of June 1853 as the official date of the IC engine because it is the date Father Eugenio Barsanti and Engineer Felice Matteucci deposited a sealed envelope at the secretariat of the Georgofili Academy of Florence, containing the memories of their experiences while they were experimenting the transformation of the explosive energy of a gas into mechanical work.

The engines

Since February 1857, a mechanic from Forli called Giovanni Battista Babacci started to collaborate with Barsanti and Matteucci (he will later join their society) together with Bastianelli; who nevertheless did not contribute to the development of the engine...

The laboratory

Due to their activities in mechanics through teaching, planning and constructions, the Piarist priests of the Ximenian Observatory used small laboratories and workshops run by local craftsmen.
Only in some cases did they go to bigger workshops, as when they constructed the Barsanti and Matteucci engine.

The other engine

Covenant between the Anonymous Society of the New Barsanti and Matteucci Engine and f. Filippo Cecchi and f. Giovanni Antonelli. After the death of Eugenio Barsanti on June 2 1864,replica rolex orologi an assembly of the Members of the Anonymous Society of the New Barsanti and Matteucci Engine was held...

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